Satur9 & Indigo

by My Arrival

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Debut album by `My Arrival´


released February 27, 2020


all rights reserved



My Arrival Netherlands

My Arrival began life when three souls wandered into a single room with the intention to write music from a different perspective than they had done so before: shorter and accessible songs, without losing any of their intended intensity and progressive roots. The result of this collaboration is their upcoming album entitled “Satur9 & Indigo”. ... more

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Track Name: Intro / Ending Theme
Track Name: Gone
Barren lands ahead of me
with dust clouds coalescing
While everything runs aground

Nothing left to see
No time for second guessing
No time left to stop and hear the sounds

Dusts whips up along the way
Cutting out those that try to say
“This place of ours is done for good
We've failed, we never understood”

Heavy clouds but little rain
No relief to take away the strain
Infant steps across the sand
As I reach out to hold your hand

Looking back, all I wanted was to save you
Shielding you from harm
Looking back, all I wanted was to keep you
But now you're gone

Dust whips up around the place
hurting as I shield my face
Our little rock is fading fast
We screwed it up, the die is cast

Looking back, all I wanted was to see to
an end to all this mess
Looking back, all I wanted was a breakthrough
But it's the end I guess

Looking back, all I wanted was to save you
Keeping you from harm
Looking back, all I wanted was to keep you
But now you're gone

Track Name: Pale White Dot
Have you heard the news of our troubles and our blues
and all of the bullshit on TV
Without any excuse they just sit and refuse
to try and stand, no, they'd rather flee
Always right on cue with nothing left overdue
but leaving it to you and me
So here I am today, like us all stuck in the fray
But I won't become another absentee

Out there in the numbness of the void
lies a pale white dot, my saving grace
and yet here I am, the one that you avoid
while I'm being erased, I'm being erased
Without you I'm lost but what's worst is the cost
of lying down and quitting on us all
So instead I'm here today, like us all stuck in the fray
Trying to avoid and hit the wall

This is insane. Absolutely batshit insane crazy. I mean, people are laying down their lives in suicide pacts because they can’t see a way out of this darkness and here I am, following up on a lead. Probably a dead end one too, just like this world of ours… Oh c’mon you piece of crap, stop taking your time and give me what I need!
What the? What the hell?! No... What is that? That’s not even possible! This doesn’t sound like meteors hitting chunks of ice in Saturn’s rings. Not possible, I’m picking this up from way beyond even.
You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Kuiper cliff… of all the places, that can’t be correct. Let’s run diagnostics again.
This is insane. Kuiper cliff… No way…
I need more data before I can commit this to the board.
Insane. But then again, a little hope goes a long way…

( Chorus)
Right now, with the earth almost destroyed
We all feel the heat as we'll be displaced
And out there in the numbness of the void
lies a pale white dot, my saving grace
Yet here I am, slowly being erased
Track Name: Strange Machine
Sit down, let's think straight
and let's find a way to carry that weight
We've really run aground
This way there won't be a second time around

Do you think the machine will work
or will it fail because of some odd quirk
Are you sure you're paying attention
Forget the girl, there's no time for an extension

Will you travel for us
See the stars for us
and find our new home
Will you travel for us
See the stars for us
and land where we may roam

Sit down, let's think straight
She won't take notice of me in this sorry state
Now I've really run aground
But I know there won't be a second time around

I'm not sure the machine will work
or if it will fail due to some odd quirk
I should really be paying attention
and fight harder for man's ascension


Just when you think you've seen it all
This strange machine here for the long haul
To take me further than I've ever been
And set new light upon my skin

But you've never left my mind
Even as I'm here fighting for all mankind
I'll take to the skies and see just what will be
and hope this machine will bring you back to me
Track Name: Satur9 & Indigo
Final walk before I take off
while quaking at the knees
Not sure where this will take me
as I feel ill at ease

I could've done so much more
and believe me I tried
but all the times I've wasted
make me feel I lied

It's only getting harder now, I know
And I'm really sorry, but I have to go

Can't find the words to say
I'm hurt to the bone
Final time in this crowd
we both stand alone

I could've done so much more
but I don't know what to say
Please reach out and hold me
You're so close yet so far away

I really don't know now what to say
I'm trying to find words so don't walk away
Cos it's only getting harder now, I know
but I'm here to fight this saturnine and indigo

The sky's not my limit and I hope you'll understand
I'm trying to find a way out of this wasteland
Track Name: Null Echo
To think that this far from the sun
it's all about you
To think that you were the one
well, you sure came through

Inside this cage I call my home
I feel you
Stuck in the space through which I roam
let's start anew

Now sleepless here in all my rage
on the straight and narrow
I find you turning another page
Wasn't I your hero?

So please don't walk away from me
as I stand here
‘Cos here’s not where I want to be
So please don't disappear

Now with all the pain that's due
You're fading out of view
I'm slowly losing you

Out of the blue
Into the black

No turning back...
Track Name: Come Undone
Split second decision. How do I traverse this? How does one avoid an asteroid field, when you’re already in it? And why are you still in my head? Why!?
Ducking low or aiming high
Tensing rising in the blink of an eye
Evasive maneuvers till I’m in the clear
All this trouble to find a sphere

It falls apart here at the seams
Caught all alone among the streams
Dodging debris while on the run
I’m here all alone beside my dreams
fighting hard to restore the beams
but all I do is surely come undone

Fading out among the stars
Is that door now slightly cracked ajar
Making moves till I cannot fail
yet still I’m caught beyond the pale
Terrified, I hit the switch
and hope the systems here won’t glitch
Caught in Bedlam on a wire
Nowhere to move out of the mire

Yet still your eyes they light the way
Like all the stars have gone astray
Heart of stone, now etched from ember
I won’t forget, I will remember

I still don’t get it, and probably never will. Why are you here? Just why? In this field of rock and ice, where gravity is surely not a friend and not the ruthless killer we take it to be, all I can do is avoid collision or perish. All I ever wanted, is now threatened by the reality of the vacuum around me, yielding secrets like some magician on an empty stage in front of an impatient and hungry crowd unable to appreciate the trick being performed. And yet, all that I ever wanted, all that ever mattered, was the sight of you. I just want you, despite knowing I don’t deserve you. But I can’t quit now. I can’t…
Track Name: Failure of a Grand Design
Track Name: Full Dark no Stars
It’s strange not knowing where I’m at
Gone and missing, six seconds flat
No means to stop, is this my fate
A pilot falls, will soon be late
Now do my eyes deceive me
Full dark with no stars here to see

Floating through this tunnel of light
With nowhere an exit near in sight
Now do my eyes deceive me
Full dark with no stars here to see
Engine’s off, yet still I move
Nowhere to go, stuck in a groove
Now do my eyes deceive me
Full dark with no stars here to see

Until it ends with a bright spark
that brings me back into the dark
Now do my eyes deceive me
Full dark with all these stars to see

I need you back with me…
Track Name: Close your Eyes
Homeward bound or so it seems
Didn’t think in all my dreams
that I’d ever find this place
Outbound trip across the streams
To end up where Kepler gleams
and actually win this race
( Chorus)
Here I am, through the worst of it all
I traveled the universe and answered the call
And even now, with all said and done
I can see the sun rise
And after all these colors have run
Please open your eyes
Time ran out yet here we are
Wondered aloud and went afar
Far away from our dome
Will we forget the things we mar
Until we're claimed by a star
and lose our second home
Alone and out of touch, feet in the sand
I take my stand and realize
I still want to hold your hand
Our home now down the drain
So unable to take the strain, I realize
I am to blame for all your rain
With all now said and done
I see that I jumped the gun and realize
you’re still the one
You’re still the one for me…
Track Name: Outro / Home

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